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Zotero 101 Workshop, Spring 2024

Zotero 101 online workshop, recorded February 7, 2024 and designed around "Love Data Week" theming.

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Adding Page Numbers to Citations in Word with Zotero

Zotero makes it easy to add in-text and bibliographic citations to Word documents, but those citations are synced with your Zotero library. Learn how to edit a citation to add page numbers without…

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Adding Citations to a Microsoft Word Document with Zotero

This tutorial demonstrates how to use Zotero to add automatically formatted in-text citations and bibliographies into a Microsoft Word document.

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Adding Items to Zotero Manually

This tutorial walks through how to manually enter metadata to create a new Zotero item, when all other methods (magic wand tool, Connector, RIS file, metadata extraction from PDF) fail.

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Adding Items to Zotero by Dragging in PDFs

This tutorial walks through dragging PDFs into a Zotero library and extracting metadata from them to create a Zotero item.

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Adding Items to Zotero with an RIS file

This tutorial goes over how to import hundreds or even thousands of items at a time into a Zotero library using an RIS file.

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Adding Items to Zotero Using the Zotero Connector

This tutorial walks through adding individual items and small groups of items to a Zotero library using the Zotero Connector browser extension.

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Adding Items to Zotero by Identifier

This tutorial walks through adding individual items to Zotero by identifier using the Magic Wand Tool, which can add items with DOIs, ISBNs, PMIDs, and more.

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How Zotero is Organized

This video walks through the different levels of organization in Zotero, from the Library, to the Collection, to the item level.

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Installing Zotero

This video goes over installing the Zotero application and the Zotero Connector for the first time.

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Lecture Circus 2023: Open Access Publishing

A complete recording of the Open Access Publishing section of the Penn Lecture Circus Academic Forum. Featuring presentations from Paulo Vineis, Ellen Dubinsky, Paula Johnson, Mohammad Nazim, Lai Ma,…

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How to Manage Citations using EndNote

EndNote is a commonly-used citation management tool. This workshop will provide an overview of how to set up your account and how to use EndNote to manage your citations. The recording took place on…

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How to Screen Citations Using Covidence

Learn how to set up your account on and use Covidence, a web-based screening software often used in Systematic Reviews. This recording was done on July 20th, 2023 at 12pm.

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Library 101 for D1s (Franklin catalog search at 5 min mark)

Are you a first-year dental medicine student? Watch this virtual orientation to learn about the resources available for you to use at the Leon Levy Dental Medicine Library and throughout the Penn…

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Finding Citations

Penn Libraries resources have a number of short-cuts for finding formatted citations to articles and books. This short video demonstrates where to find citation tools in the library catalog and in…

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Video Example: Exporting citations to RefWorks

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